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New Individual questions page

6/26/2024 Engagement (&frankly)

What's new in the Individual questions BETA page?

In the Results > Individual questions page, you can see the question results with updated chart styles alongside new additional improved features. Here is the list of the major improvements in the new page.

1) An updated filter

The Individual questions page has a new look. The Beta page will use the same top filters as the Segments and Heatmap page to select groups, pulse/questions and dates. You can now be more precise on how many results you want to see for a question, or how far back you want to go.

2) Improved handling of empty/blank statements

Empty or blank statements in comments and Free-text answers will be filtered out to ensure the quality of results.

3) Updated question results charts

The question results will be shown in the same updated chart styles as in the Dashboard. Here are some examples:

Additionally for Binary and Binary picture questions, the results will now be shown per week/date.


4) See question results from other pulses

If a question was included and scheduled in multiple pulses, it will be possible to see results from different pulses inside one question result. Turn on the “Results from other pulses”, and it will show that question’s result from other pulses within the filtered date range.


5) Updated integrity modal

We've updated the modal explaining why results are hidden. It now contains more details why a certain group's results are hidden, such as which groups it's too similar to in comparison.


What's next?

There are some features that we hope to improve still in the new page, such as filtering the results on user attributes and being able to see your own answers. So until we can ensure the new page can fully replace the previous page, both the new Individual questions page and the previous version will be available to you.